About Kate

My philosophy

I’m a big believer that investing in wellbeing enables us to build a strong foundation. When we feel well in every sense – physically, mentally and socially – we are more energised, more innovative, more connected and more purposeful. The same applies to our organisations….

Ultimately, when we feel well, we THRIVE.

When your employees feel well and THRIVE, your organisation THRIVES.

When we all THRIVE, we achieve great things – living our lives and leading our organisations with passion and purpose, finding solutions to all the big challenges we, and our planet, face today. This is my vision.

Who do I work with?

I work with organisations who want to make the wellbeing of their people a priority and are willing to invest the time, resources and energy that it takes to truly create change. My clients understand that to achieve organisational wellbeing you must go beyond the odd wellness perk or initiative. You know that investing in the wellbeing of your people creates organisational wellbeing and the outcomes you desire when wellbeing goes beyond a box ticking activity. Partnering with me means you’re willing to embark on a journey that truly embeds wellbeing into your culture.

How do I help?

In a nutshell, I help my clients to define what wellbeing success looks like in their orgsanisation and put the strategies, measures and tools in place to achieve their visions.

My bespoke coaching programs and wellbeing workshops provide tools, support, motivation and accountability at the individual, team, leadership and orgsanisational level. This is how we extend wellbeing beyond box ticking and create a cultural shift that ensures your people, leaders and organisation have everything they need to THRIVE.