RESILIENCE! What does it actually mean?

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Kendelle Tekstar at Acre and was delighted to discover that we shared so many of the same views and approaches relating to the huge topic of wellbeing the workplace. We soon got talking about the word RESILIENCE (given this was the original workshop series I created) and what […]

Live to work or work to live?

This is a really popular question in career coaching but I have to be honest, it really bugs me! When it comes to careers, I just don’t think it’s as simple as one or the other. Over the years I’ve discovered there are many layers that contribute to finding all round satisfaction and wellbeing when […]

Why Should Leadership Development Programmes Include Wellbeing?

Managers usually have a lot on their plate. Maybe they’ve been promoted because of their excellent technical ability, then get thrown in at the deep end to manage a team with little or no training. Maybe they’re required to balance leading a team with hands-on tasks and targets, so in essence, two roles in one. […]

How Can Coaching Boost the Wellbeing and Performance of Your Team?

Firstly, let’s look at what coaching is. Many people assume a coach gives advice and tells their coachee what to do. Whilst that may occasionally happen, advising and telling are generally the last things a well-trained coach will do. Fundamentally in coaching, the person or team being coached has the answers and the coach’s role […]

What is Workplace Well Being and why should it be high on your agenda for 2018?

Workplace Well Being is a simple concept, look after the health of the people within your organisation in order to increase individual performance, which, in turn has positive outcomes for your business performance. This is by no means a new concept, governments all around the world have been promoting workplace well being for some years, […]