Live to work or work to live?

This is a really popular question in career coaching but I have to be honest, it really bugs me!

When it comes to careers, I just don’t think it’s as simple as one or the other. Over the years I’ve discovered there are many layers that contribute to finding all round satisfaction and wellbeing when it comes to the topic of work. For many of us, our work takes up a large percentage of our time and energy for a significant period throughout our life. I’ve met and coaching many people who have followed there passions but can barely make ends meet which causes them massive financial stress. I’ve also met and coached people who have committed so much to their career that other areas of their life has suffered, and that too causes tremendous stress. I’ve witnessed many cases where my client’s wellbeing is suffering because they don’t eat or sleep well and they can’t find enough time and energy for family, friends, hobbies or fitness. Then at the other end of the spectrum there are those who followed a career path because it seemed like a sensible choice but actually whilst it pays well, it gives them zero satisfaction. This in turn stresses them out because there’s a huge lack of purpose in their life – work has become a real grind  and motivation becomes harder and harder to find.

Of course there are plenty of examples out there that are the complete opposite of these cases, the reality is I don’t have that many career coaching conversations with people who don’t have a problem to fix! The point I’m really trying to make is that for many of us, it can be very difficult to find a career that:

a) You enjoy each and every day, experiencing a sense of flow, flourish and fulfilment because it’s such a good fit for you

b) Provides you with an income that allows you to feel financially secure and meet the standard of life you desire for yourself and your family

c) Allows you time and energy to fit in activities that boost your physical, social and mental wellbeing

d) Enables you to work with like minded people within a culture that shares your values and approach to life

Even finding the time and tools to figure all these elements out can be a massive challenge. But that’s exactly why I was drawn to career coaching and wellbeing. Having worked in the recruitment  industry for the first 12 years of my career I was having numerous career conversations on a daily basis. Whilst I found it tremendously satisfying to help people secure their ideal job and company, I realised there were so many more people I wasn’t able to assist, and that really frustrated me. So I made a huge step into the unknown and embarked on a new career path, delving in to the world of coaching which enabled me to follow my passion for helping people to find wellness within their personal and professional life by being in work that allows them to thrive.

That was a good six years ago now and since then I’ve had the pleasure of coaching hundreds of people to achieve the success and fulfilment they deserve from their career. If you would like a free consultation to understand how coaching can help you achieve your goals visit:

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