We offer three main well being focused services, Coaching, Consulting and Workshop Facilitation and these are all based on our very own THRIVE Formula:


T is for Theory

Top Business Schools around the world are raving about Workplace Wellbeing and rightly so. Extensive research shows us that it makes commercial sense to invest in the health of your workforce with structured wellbeing programmes because in the long run, the organisations that do so perform best.


H is for Holistic

According to the World Health Organisation, the definition of Health is a “State of complete physical, mental, and social wellbeing, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” We keep this definition at the core of everything we do and strive to create this optimum balance through our carefully crafted programmes.


R is for Resilience Model

We have developed a unique model that cultivates the wellbeing of your workforce with four core strategies that build resilience and collectively ensure your employees maintain optimum performance and wellbeing. This leads to a boost in productivity, engagement and innovation which means better results for your organisation and its wellbeing.


I is for Interventions

Our core services include Coaching, Consulting and Facilitation:

  • Coaching to support and develop your employees, boost their wellbeing and cultivate peak performance
  • Consulting to help you design and implement a wellbeing strategy and programme that are tailored to your business’ needs and budget
  • Facilitation of interactive workshops based on our RESILIENCE MODEL – these can be run as introductory lunchtime sessions, a series of afternoons or even as corporate off-sites. Attendees learn to how to develop their goals, action plans and practical tool kits to achieve success whilst boosting performance through wellbeing.


V is for Value

Before embarking on any programme it’s crucial to understand what it is you want to achieve at the individual and organisational level. We are here to help you identify your goals and put all the right steps in place to achieve them. We are committed to ensuring you gain optimum value from your workplace wellbeing initiatives as well as from the services we offer you.


E is for Evaluation

You will only know if your programme is a success if you have the measures in place to evaluate it against your goals. We help you to implement Key Performance Indicators that can be monitored along with individual wellbeing score cards that allow employees to track their own personal progress.