We offer a variety of programs and packages that have been carefully designed to embed wellbeing at the cultural, leadership and individual level.

Workshop Series Include:


A Guide to Workplace Wellbeing for HR

12 month program combining group coaching, consulting and workshops ideal for any HR team looking to implement or enhance workplace wellbeing.


Wellbeing for Leaders

6 month program combining workshops and 121 coaching for leaders to develop their understanding of  workplace wellbeing, including the costs and benefits involved and their role as leaders, and helps them to feel equipped to boost their own wellbeing, as well as that of their team.


Resilience Series

A series of 12 workshops run throughout the year, designed for all employees ready to build their own bespoke tool kit to achieve all their personal and professional goals.



For organisations looking to take workplace wellbeing to the next level, our package option offers you access to all our coaching, consulting and workshop programs for a set fee per month.


If you would like to discuss how each of our packages and programs can add value to your organisation, please contact us at hello@thriveperformanceandwellbeing.co.uk to arrange a free consultation. We will be delighted to create a bespoke package to meet your organisation’s budget and needs.