What is Workplace Well Being and why should it be high on your agenda for 2018?

Workplace Well Being is a simple concept, look after the health of the people within your organisation in order to increase individual performance, which, in turn has positive outcomes for your business performance.

This is by no means a new concept, governments all around the world have been promoting workplace well being for some years, having identified the major cost of illness to both the economy and national health services. Business schools have also been researching workplace well being and continue to provide extensive evidence supporting a wide variety of initiatives that reduce illness, improve well being and increase results.

Yet despite all the benefits, many organisations are slow on the uptake.

So, should it be up to your employees to look after their own health or should your organisation invest money into making your workforce healthier?

Let’s consider some of the costs of ill health:

  • A rise in mental health issues has been a major contributor to the increase of sickness
  • Presenteeism, when employees continue to work despite being ill, is also on the rise
  • Productivity, performance levels, motivation and innovation, can be severely reduced when an employee is unwell


Unfortunately, these costs are not going to reduce themselves. For most industries, there is ever increasing pressure to survive in highly competitive markets which often means increased hours and stressful work environments. A push towards running lean operations can mean limited resources, and we also need to factor in the impact of an aging workforce because for most of us, the age of retirement is likely to increase.

Clearly, there are a lot of reasons to argue the topic of well being at work should be taken seriously.  But it’s not all doom and gloom – let’s take a look at some of the benefits when your workforce are well:

  • When your people are well they are more likely to feel creative, energised and capable of optimum performance
  • Companies that support their employees are more likely to retain them
  • Offering well being benefits and demonstrating a supportive, innovative culture can help attract talent to your business
  • Holistic health and well being helps to cultivate resilience, which is undoubtedly, key for most companies in today’s market

So rather than asking “Can we afford to invest in the well being of our people?” perhaps the question ought to be, “Can we afford not to?”

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